ООО Солярис
  • Turnkey design of industrial facilities and engineering systems of any complexity;
  • Turnkey installation of engineering systems
Schedule: Mon-Fri 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
404130, Volgograd region, Volzhskiy, Naberezhnaya St., house 8 office19

Inspection of treatment facilities

Areas of activity

Brewing effluent treatment 01
Pharmaceutical effluent treatment 02
Food Industry Wastewater Treatment 03
Municipal wastewater treatment 04
Industrial Wastewater Treatment 05
Metallurgy wastewater treatment 06

Wastewater audit of existing enterprises

Study design


and executive documentation of the survey object

Preparation of methods and regulations


sampling individually for each object

Sample selection


according to the method agreed upon with the Customer, delivery of selected samples to a specialized laboratory with fulfillment of storage and transportation requirements

Contaminated Wastewater Testing


industrial enterprises on the effectiveness of activated sludge treatment with laboratory studies of cleaning efficiency

Office processing


laboratory research results and testing results with a compilation of a report on the results obtained on the conformity of the adopted technological solutions in the project with the task to achieve the discharge parameters

Recommendations for work


to bring the characteristics of the removal of pollutants to the required parameters

Development of a conceptual technological solution


for water supply and industrial wastewater treatment systems with a selection of water and wastewater treatment methods and a basic set of technological facilities and equipment that allow achieving a degree of treatment in accordance with the needs of the Customer, as well as in accordance with the rules and regulations in force in the Russian Federation

Completed projects

Project: Lam Weston Belaya Dacha, Potato Processing Plant
Client: LEM Weston Belaya Dacha LLC
Project: AKRIKHIN – production of medicines
Client: JSC "Akrikhin"
Project: Frito Lay Manufacturing – Potato Processing Plant
Client: Frito Lay Manufacturing
Project: Baltika – brewery
Client: Baltika-Yaroslavl Breweries
Project: City sewage treatment plant
Client: CUSS Chriwa Umwelt Systemtechnik u.Service GmbH, Germany
Project: San InBev – Brewery
Client: San InBev
Project: YPC Volzhsky – Bearing Plant
Client: LLC Construction company "SEVER"
Project: Moscow Brewing Company
Client: CJSC MPK